Hertel Family Discount Plan


We at Hertel Family Dentistry understand that many patients don’t have dental insurance, which is why we’ve decided to come up with an inexpensive and attractive in-house discount plan. 

What You Get

For $199 per year (less than the premium for most dental insurance plans), you’ll get:

  • Two routine cleanings, two routine examinations, and one complete set of dental X-rays.
  • 25% off of our fee schedule for many types of dental treatment performed by our general dentist including fillings, bridges, crowns, and dentures. (Discount does not apply to work needed to be performed by a specialist)

How It Works

When you come into our office, you can sign up for our in-house discount plan. You’ll be eligible for this plan whether you’re a new or former patient – just as long as you’re not covered by an existing dental insurance plan. It will cost $199 to join and the plan will be valid for one year. Some examples of how you can save with our plan:

  • You’ll spend $522 on yearly fees consisting of two routine cleanings, two routine examinations, and a full set of X-rays. Our in-house discount plan includes these services in the $199 fee, saving you a total of $323.
  • If you need to receive a single one-surface filling, the cost will be $193. With our in-house discount plan, the price will only be $144.75, saving you $48.25.

This plan is non-refundable and cannot be transferred. Price is subject to change in subsequent years.

The Benefits of Our In-House Discount Plan

Subscribing to our plan will offer you the following benefits:

  • No waiting periods
  • No monthly premiums
  • No deductibles
  • No enrollment forms
  • No annual individual or family maximum allowed benefits
  • No claims to fill out for reimbursement
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