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More Americans are turning to teeth whitening treatments in addition to standard dental work thanks to the decreasing costs of treatment and growth of overall effectiveness. More than 82% of Americans say they notice a significant difference in their smile after whitening treatment. At Hertel Family Dentistry in Buffalo, New York, the dental team has experience with a variety of state-of-the-art whitening treatments you can use in the office or at home. To learn more, call the office to schedule your consultation or book a visit online.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

How does teeth whitening work?

Many teeth whitening treatments use a peroxide-based substance to coat your teeth, removing stains when used over time. Depending on the type of treatment you receive, your teeth might become up to eight shades whiter than before.

Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening?

Just about anyone can benefit from teeth whitening treatment, but a few groups of people might be ineligible or at least need to wait before receiving treatment:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers
  • Anyone under the age of 16
  • People with sensitive teeth and gums, or who are allergic to peroxide

It’s important to remember that teeth whitening treatments might not affect the color of your fillings, which can make them more noticeable against your new shade of teeth.

What teeth whitening treatments are available?

Your Hertel Family Dentistry care team provides both in-office and take-home treatment options, preferring Philips products for their ease of use and results.

Quick Pro

The Quick Pro treatment option is a quick and easy way to receive teeth whitening during any Hertel visit, even if you just came for a checkup. Your care team spreads a small amount of peroxide varnish on your teeth and seals it in place with a small strip. After just 30 minutes, you can wipe the varnish away and enjoy a smile that’s several shades lighter.


Like the Quick Pro treatment, Zoom whitening uses peroxide gel to provide a lighter smile. However, following a varnish application, your Hertel team shines an LED whitening light on the affected areas to accelerate your results.

Both the Quick Pro and Zoom whitening treatments feature take-home options so you can follow up on your care and achieve even pearlier whites. Learn more at zoomwhitening.com.

How long do results last?

While your teeth whitening treatment can restore a gorgeous sheen to your smile, it doesn’t prevent the staining associated with specific food and drink. Thankfully, touch-up treatments are simple and just as effective as your first treatment.

If you want to hear more about your teeth whitening options, call Hertel Family Dentistry in Buffalo, New York, to schedule your consultation, or book online.